Our social lives are gone.......because we are too social (online)

Last night I kinda got worded in to write again and I kind of feel like have a good subject, and that is how shit we have become as friends......because of how social media is. This is an issue that has pissed me off for quite some time, and its getting worse.

So I have been to a few events lately, even organised some, and we have people that tick the old going box of an event on FB and then they don't even bother to show up or contact the organiser with their excuse, or the maybe box, some of these events are parties, organised activities, even weddings where people don't RSVP. In my opinion its disgusting, its disrespectful and its really horrible for the person organising the event.

So take a wedding for example, people spend a lot of money on catering, on making sure that their guests are comfortable, you get guests that whinge about at least one thing, especially if its kid free (which is a great way to have some time out team), but if you have said you are coming and have not had a serious emergency then just not turning up is totally unacceptable, your friend or family member is celebrating and wants to celebrate with you, they want to spend time with you or they want you to be part of their big day. So if you can't make it be honest and tell them, they would appreciate your honesty over seeing missing spaces at the dining tables. Same goes for any other celebration, try not to double book, you value your time, your friends value your time and you should value theirs as well, if you can't make it or have not intention of making it then tell them, I know there are some mutherfuckers out there that wait for a better event to pop up, and will literally make a decision at the last minute. And yes there are people out there that have a million sports activities or their kids do. Well time manage mate, If you can't make the whole celebration then stopping in for an hour is better than nothing, but let your friend know. Its a little disheartening when you organise a function and it bombs.

But at the end of the day, if you can't make it say so, don't pretend you are coming.

Real friends will value you and your celebrations, be there for the good the bad and the in-betweens. I am definitely no angel and have piked a few times in the past, but generally its for a good reason, and often the best times are the times you least expect.

We see stuff about kids that have no one turning up to their birthday parties, and how upsetting it is for them, well adults have feelings too, they also have self esteem issues, and this can upset them just as much as a kid, it feels shit, so put yourselves in your friends shoes and be a good friend.

I know we often use our kids as excuses, and sometimes they have real incidents, but being in real life social is good for the soul, catching up with old friends is good for you, there is more to life than sitting in front of the TV watching crap on Netflix, and we often panda to our insecurity/mental health issues by not going out and catching up with friends, imagine if friendship and having a good social life fixed depression, imagine if our devices were partly the cause of it..............


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