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Bootiful Fitness Class Options

Our private studio offers Women's Focused Fitness Classes every Monday-Thursday evening at 5.45pm. Our friendly group will welcome you and help improve your Strength, fitness and confidence, which will make your daily life easier.

These Classes work on the area's that women struggle with, and are designed with that in mind.

No Judgement, just lot's of laugh's, sweating and a safe, private environment. Check out the option's below 

Time: 5.45pm

Location: Bootiful Fitness Studio, Tihi Road, Springfield, Rotorua

Cost: $10 and Concession Options available. 

Accept's Cash, Bank Transfer and has the ability to take EFTPOS payments. 

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Many Women have issues with their Glutes and Abdominal muscles functioning to their potential. This class is designed to wake them up and making them as strong as possible. 

Many of us suffer from pain in our lower backs, hips and knees, Balance issues and tightness. This class is designed so that we have a strong a functioning Core, and Glutes which will support the lower back, hips and knees's  rather than overworking them. 

Prepare to be Humbled!


This class will work your entire body, and you will know about it.


There will be a mixture of Circuits, Interval Training, Cardio, Weights, AMRAPS, and more.  We will work to improve strength, stability, mobility and over all fitness level's.

If you are not walking out feeling challenged, yet happier, then I haven't done my job :)


Boxing is such a great way to lift the mood, get the heart rate up and thrash out some stress. You will box, squat, pulse, and so much more than just boxing. 

A great class to do with a friend or sibling, you will have an unconscious smile on that dial. 


Never boxed before? Well this is a great opportunity to start, we will teach you the basic's and you may even fall in love. We have plenty of Gloves and Pad's but if you have your own feel free to bring them.


Weirdly enough it will probably be your legs that hate you more the next day!


Strength Training is very important for women, especially as we get older. We need our muscles to be strong to ensure that our bones are supported. Consistent Strength training can also help with symptom's around Perimenopause and evidence says its so much more important after Menopause. 

When we talk about lifting heavy, we are meaning heavy for you and your capacities, so you can choose the weights, but rest assured, if it looks too easy you will be 'encouraged' to go heavier. 

So lets get lifting....

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