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 Personal Training
Kirsty Watt
Strength & Functional Fitness
Stop saying you will start when you are fitter, its my job to make you fitter. 


Unlock your potential with a unique approach to personal training. It's not just about fitness; it's about enhancing your daily life. We focus on movement, pain management, function for what you do day to day and progress tailored to you. I am what you might call a Health at every size (HAES) trainer, and absolutely no judgement from me. I am not a jacked up, fit muscly person myself, so you are in safe hands with me.  I have 10 years of experience and my approach might be a little different from many on the gym floor. I look at the person in front of me, we discuss things like pain and how we feel and we try and work with you so you are fundamentally feeling your best. With many in pain it can be a bit of unravelling process but I promise you its worth it. 


With a diverse list of past and present clientele from 8 years to 85 years, From Kids, to Mothers, soon to be mothers, Grandmothers, Farmers, Teenagers, Engineers, Nurses, Special needs, and the Neurodiverse.  I have worked with a real diverse group of people. We build respectful client/trainer relationships and provide personalised workouts. Sessions are adaptable, from high intensity to relaxation, mobility and stability and  addressing your physical and mental wellbeing needs. Programs can be arranged on demand. 


I am based out of my home-based studio in Springfield, Rotorua, which offers a private well equipped studio for strength, cardio, and mobility.

If you intend on becoming a regular weekly client, please book an initial consult appointment to get yourself booked in and then we will work on a schedule that works for both of us.  


24 Hour Cancellation Policy - No refunds for No shows or Cancellation under the 24 hour time, if unsure please check out the Cancellation policy within the booking system.  

Casual Spots are available, so check out the booking system below for availability. Payment is required upon booking 

These slot's will change weekly and it essential that you book. 

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