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So Mothers day is coming to an end and as I have put my kids to bed and thought about our journey over the last 6 years, its been pretty cool but then it made me think about all the mums out there that are just plain shit, the mums that don't keep there kids safe, I am talking about kids that go to bed expecting that they are safe at night in their bed's but sometimes they are not, a monster may come into there room and do stuff, when mum knows about it, or the mums that drink/drug to a stupor and the kids literally have to fend for themselves, or the ones that sell their kids for sex, or the mums that are just plain abusive narcissistic pieces of shit that don't deserve a kid, and they are fucking up their kids by the mind games that they play.

I read an article on daughter's divorcing their parents earlier today, and then read the comments section, there were a lot of comments from woman that had terrible up bringing's, and that most choose to have no relationship with a parent or both parents or that they were glad that their parents were dead, that was heart breaking for them, I took a picture of my kids snuggled up together in bed, they are the best of friends when asleep and I just hoped that they would never have to deal with that, never have to cut a family member out. I do have friends that distance themselves emotionally from their family members, and I know that is very hard on them and causes a horrible level of stress, and I seriously feel for them. So big hugs to anyone that has had to deal with family stress that has involved estrangement from parents.

So really what I am getting at is motherhood (parenthood) is such a crazy job, we don't get performance reviewed really at any stage, we actually have no idea I guess unless CYF are trying to take our children off us, we don't really ever know how good a job we are actually doing until our kids are grown up, and when our kids make mistakes the finger is pointed directly at the parents, all we can really only go off is our kids happiness, the way they thrive in each of their environments. Another thing about motherhood is the expectation's we put on ourselves and our kids, should we consider that we have done and amazing job if our kids are successful people or good people? Are people going to remember successful friends or nice friends? If you unfortunately were to attend your adult child's funeral would you be humbled to hear about the amazing kind gestures that your child did or about the way he/she was a ruthless business person that would merge businesses leaving many people unemployed but earning themselves crazy amounts of money. Nice people have better funerals..........in my opinion.

Just to let you know I come from a family that none of us are employed in jobs that people consider to be highly skilled high paying jobs, but we were brought up to know what is right and wrong, In my opinion my parents did a fantastic job raising us and we should be proud of their efforts. I have a brother who sat with his friend on new years eve in his 20's in hospital after he had a terrible accident that almost killed him, I remember my mum being very proud of him, I have a sister who is has raised two amazing children (who will probably end up the most sucessful career wise) and they have the best relationship, I have another brother who even though moving to another country has created a community around him that are more like family because he is a good cunt, and would literally drop what he was doing to help out a mate. We may not have excelled at school, we may not be millionaires and only one of us has a degree but none of us have ended up in jail.

So remember if you have little ones.......these kids trust you so much that you know what you are doing (even though you have no bloody idea) They trust that you are able to guide them through life and to keep them safe so that they can be the best they can be, and being a good person is just as, if not more important than if they were to be a successful person.

I am not a perfect mum by any means, and my kids are not perfect either, but I vow that they can trust me to keep them safe and sound while living under my roof, and I believe that is my most important job as a mother.

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