So I literally feel like the shittiest mum every Wednesday, Wednesdsay is the day I have both kids, 4 1/2 and 2 yrs old, Wednesday is the day that I try not to have too much work on, Wednesday we do the kids activities (swimming and dancing), but Every Wednesday I lose my shit all day long. Our biggest problem is leaving the house, getting ready to go, dressing, putting on shoes, getting in the car, sitting in the car, OMFG why do 4 year olds have to be so shit. The TV is no longer allowed on until she has eaten breakfast and has to get dressed and brush her teeth, tidy up toys if used, and some days its not allowed on at all.

Dixie is apparently an angel for everyone else, but when it comes to me (and sometimes her father) then suddenly she has a hearing problem, and its very selective hearing in this household, if I was to mention clean your room, or put the toys away and chocolate ice cream in the same sentence you could guarantee she would have the ice cream scoop out before you could blink.

Every Wednesday night I have to apologise for losing my shit or I actually get an apology from her for not being well behaved. Now I know that kids will act out for their parents because they feel safe around them, and they trust them, but its ridiculous how lousy they make you feel as a mum.

I actually feel like a crap parent, like I can't even handle 1 day a week with them both, but I know that we only have about 3 months left before she turns 5 and is off to school and then I am just dealing with 1 child then, so time is running out for our Wednesday fun days.

Tonight I learnt that looking your child in the eyes and begging her politely to help mum by getting into the bath while I cooked tea also doesn't work as she promptly went and played with her doll. So to all you mums out there that deal with 4 year olds, what is your secret, why tricks work for you, why are they such pricks, and to all of you that have angel children, and you don't yell, you suck ;) Just kidding, please share your tricks.

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