Why asking for help is important

So I know its been a VERY long time, but hey life gets in the way, and life has been stressful. But one thing is for certain this year looks like it will be even busier than last year, but less C*nty. Classes start back on Monday and so does Personal Training, and my Calendar actually has only a few spaces left. (woohoo)

Being busy is a blessing for me, yes it can be more stressful, but I find when I keeping the body moving and my mind firing then I am less stressed and more motivated to perform. I also find the day goes faster and you get a better sleep (Sleep is my favourite thing) which is so important.

Last year I had a stressful situation come up, through no fault other than renting a property to the wrong people and while we are still dealing with the clean up and financial repercussions of this I am trying to not let that be such a big focus of our year. I am a very independent person, and asking for help from even my partner has been one of the most upsetting situations for my pride ever. It still upsets me now as I type, but hey at some stage we all need help, sometimes you may luck in with just needing a jump start and sometimes you may need insurance to replace the whole car, but the most important thing for the people like me is to swallow your pride and get the help and support you need, when you need it.

Some people can work independently, some people can work lightly supervised and some people need heavy supervision, but that doesn't reflect how people are when it comes to exercise, many high up corporates want to be heavily supervised when it comes to exercise, they want to be told what to do and when to do it, as it differs so much from their day to day life, where they are giving the orders, and that also applies to mums, they are the responsible ones, they have to give orders to their kids, yet taking an order from someone else works better for them a lot of the time. Some people can workout on their own and get great results, some people will go to classes and get great results because they have someone 'supervising' them and some people need one on one support and thats also fine, but it goes with life, there is generally some aspect in our lives that we need someone to be accountable too.

January is the time of year that we all get on the new years band wagon, but generally most resolutions only last a few days, the good intentions were there, but they couldn't stick, and that happened to me last year. This year the only goal I have made is to move everyday, it doesn't matter what it is but to do something good for my body being some form of exercise. Its day 3 and I have done a very short (Max 1.5km stroll) with the kids on Monday, a workout on Tuesday and then a 5km walk today, all of them lifted me up. Once I get the movement thing back into being a 'want to do' rather than 'have to do' then I will work on my eating habits, even though I have been pretty good in the last few days.

Life shouldn't meant to be hard and there are people that are able to help in every situation, there are professionals and there are friends and Whanau that will be there for us whenever we need it, so use them, use their babysitting skills to give yourselves a break, remember most people are good people and most people love to help (especially grandparents). Use them for advice and workout how you are going to get to where you want to be and the support that you need to get there. We can do this together.

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