How am I not crazy(er)

Be prepared to feel like someone is running their finger nails down a blackboard. This is the crap we deal with every day. Don't worry none of my children are in pain or anything. My 18 month old son has discovered how he can make different noises, and his really 'lovely' sister has been teaching him to scream, you will hear them laughing, hideous isn't it. They think its hilarious, it is excruciating, this happens about 5 times a day ATM. How the hell am I not even crazier than I already am, seriously.

So what stops me from losing my shit when they do stuff like this? well this I kinda found funny at the start, I probably shouldn't have laughed at it as this encouraged it more, but seriously now its ridiculous, now I try not to make a major deal out of it. At the moment the baby gets upset if you tell him 'no' he has a bit of a cry, and screams on the floor (yay more screaming) and we try and just down play it.

Exercise is what stops me from losing my shit, plain and simple, sometimes I just need to do it, I have to admit I have STRUGGLED lately, and part of that is because of the season, but the main part is injury. I have had issues with my hip for a considerable time now, basically my hip hurts when I walk on for a considerable time, it aches and its frustrating. I enjoy walking, it's something that clears the mind for me, I like walking fast, I like running too sometimes, but I am not a runner, but I actually find it easier to run at the moment even though I haven't been doing it, I was waiting to find out what the issue was until I got back into running, which I know now what it is but will hopefully be given the clearance next week to run so fingers crossed for that.

But yes I have been missing walking, and I have used my hip as an excuse to not do other stuff, but on days like this when these two are up to there tricks, I need to do something. Luckily today I got to help a few people with boxing so I got a bit of resistance training in, and it helped.

Don't get me wrong there are days that I snap (not to the point of abuse or emotional abuse), but there are days I yell at my kids, they drive me nuts t, but I find that I need to take a break from them, I am lucky, both kids are in care a few days a week, this gives them a great time at kindy or with the caregiver (my saviour) and it also gives me 'me time'. Me time is super important. While some people are fully attachment parents, I am not one of them, I need time to myself, I need to catch up with friends, I need to catch up on admin, I need to breath. No kid should be subjected to any form of abuse because the parent can't handle parenthood, or how annoying kids can be. No child should ever fear their parent or caregiver. And it saddens me to read stories about children murdered or severely injured because a parent lost their shit. Parenting is hard, the whinging, the sulking, the screaming, I get it, but not being able to deal with it is not an excuse, removing yourself from the situation and taking some time to breath, time to get your shit together before you deal with the situation is one way to deal with it.

So tomorrow I have some spare time in the afternoon and I plan on spending with the kids doing something that involves using our energy, It maybe the trampoline, it maybe a bike riding lesson or it maybe running races on the lawn, getting kids out and about is just as important for them as it is for you. (it tires them out, it makes them go to sleep earlier) :) An active life is important for everyone, EVERYONE.

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