Junk free June week 1

Seriously the hardest week, day 1 was so f#$ken hard. My lovely partner made birthday cake, and made me make ganache, I was dying, but I survived. I have chosen to cut out lollies, sugary drinks, fast food such as McDonald's and pizza hut. I got so bad in the last 3 months and seriously it was ridiculous. Chocolate was terrible and pizza hut was on speed dial. So this weekend I thought holy shit how am I going to handle a kids birthday party, well it wasn't that bad, we had Hangi cooked in the Kai cooker, Rewana bread and probably the worst thing I had was a smell of all the lollies. Not one passed my lips, not a single crumb of the cakes(s). No pies, pizza not a single thing. 

But I tell you what I ate so much of this apricot nut medley that my guts were a killing machine. We slept in the Navy marae and FML trying to hold myself in because the stench was 100 times worse than sulphur point vrs the recycling centre, it was excruciating and I couldn't blame it on my son. So as much as these are sooooo yummy you really need to portion control, especially if you have the same reaction to dried apricots that I do. But this is really delicious.

So 26 days of junk free june to go, which includes a girls weekend and I think a first birthday, this may just test me more than once. But fingers crossed these choices stay with me for longer than this month as I am hoping this helps me motivate myself into working on myself more. Feel free to support myself and my Bootiful mama's at  Junk free june

#JunkfreeJune #farts

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