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Return Right - Post Natal Exercise and Education

Post Natal Exercise should be a Holistic Educational Experience so that you can now understand your new you and thrive in one of the most understated recovery periods of your life

Return Right  Post Natal Exercise Program Options

Foundation - Education and Fitness

 Advanced - Strength and Fitness

Located in our private studio, in Rotorua,  we offer a nurturing environment where you can focus on rebuilding your fitness the right way by encompassing Pelvic Floor, Core, Glutes, and Back strength — areas often weakened during pregnancy, childbirth and in the post natal phase.

A small group setting where you also get your adult conversation fix as well as bringing your baby to a safe clean environment. 

This is a great present for a new mama, so you can definitely sign her up as well.


I highly recommend starting with the Foundation program first,  regardless of the age of your baby as that is the building blocks and sets you up forever. 

​​Return Right Foundation - Education and Fitness

Start anytime from 3 weeks post-birth provided you can drive and lift your baby in a car seat.

This is designed for those early post natal mama's.  You'll begin your healing and restrengthening journey.


What to expect:

  • Weeks 1-4 - The first 4 weeks involves education session's around Pelvic Floor, Core Connection, Glutes and then Upper Body changes that that occur during and after pregnancy, we then work on activating these areas as well as releasing area's that may feel a bit tight or causing soreness.  

  • Recap emails to help you remember what we went over and the class can be recorded and uploaded so you can revisit and practice, because its a lot of information and practice really does make perfect. 

  • Weeks 5-7 We then bring it all together, where you can identify area's that may not be working well and strategies to help those area's.

  • Week 8 - Introduction to harder exercise  to mimic a class at the gym.

  • Week 9  - Pelvic Floor and Core Function and Stress Testing and we get to play with our bodies to work out alternative exercises for the gym that work best for our bodies as well as progressing these.

  • Week 10 - A bit of a games session followed by a wrap up morning tea.

  • 3 Months Access to the Bootiful Beginnings Online Membership where you have access to a library of 100s of Workouts, including a return to exercise guide and helpful content around Pelvic Floor, Mental Health, Nutrition and 7 Live workouts per week, including a 20-25 minute Pelvic Floor and Core restore workout. 


During Term time 

When: Tuesday's at 10.15am 

Cost:$180 per term or $18 per week for 10 weeks


The first few weeks can be done via Zoom as very low intensity and more about recovery then anything else. Its more about the education side of it at this stage if you are very early post Natal.

This is designed for those early post natal mama's.  You'll begin your healing and restrengthening journey.




Return Right Advanced - Strength and Fitness

​Our advanced Class (Starts from 4 months post-birth): Building on the Foundation program, our Advanced class focuses on strength building, fitness testing, and cardio workouts tailored to your post-natal fitness level. You'll have the opportunity to explore boxing and other activities to gauge your body's readiness. This class empowers you to progress confidently towards your fitness goals while ensuring you can regress or modify exercises as needed.

What to expect:​

  • Follow on Program from the Foundation program.

  • Week 1  Myofascial Release and working on pain problem mum area's.

  • Week 2 and Week 9 Strength and Fitness Tests that you get to choose the exercises and see the results first hand.

  • Weeks 3 - 8 Workouts that give yourself permission to play and common formats to gym classes such as boxing, circuits, cardio equipment, weights with the difference of a Post Partum Trainer to guide you and let you listen to your body.

  • Week 10 - Games and Morning Tea to wrap up the term. 

  • Improve Strength in the area's that mums really struggle with to help with things like Back pain, Shoulder pain, Hip and Knee Pain, Pelvic Floor Weakness, Core and Glute Weakness as well as releasing the tight area's. 

  • Access our Bootiful Beginnings online membership for additional guidance and workouts outside of studio sessions.

  • Connection with other mama's and their Bubba's.


Whether you're aiming to regain pre-pregnancy fitness, preparing for more strenuous activities, or simply prioritising your well-being, our program is designed to support every step of your post-natal fitness journey and beyond. 

Join us in our supportive community where your health and fitness goals are our priority.


I did the 8 week postpartum recovery program and highly recommend! I started 3 weeks after my first baby. Kirsty is very knowledgeable, explains whats happening with any aches and pains. Work outs were really good, we were taught how to do them correctly incorporating our pelvic floor and told how they work. We could bring our babies along so it was really good to get used to taking baby out and about! Kirsty was also good and looking after the babies when they became unsettled to allow us mums to carry on with our workout.

Class Participant

"Kirsty is a wealth of knowledge for all things exercise and post partum related. I couldn't recommend her online classes and Return Right Exercise program more for any mum wanting to kickstart their return to exercise and learn a tonne about how their body went through during pregnancy and is continuing to recover from. As an active person I found I learnt a tonne from Kirsty, including small things to implement before exercising to get the most out of a session whether it be a walk, weights or run. Kirsty has a fun and contagiously positive personality to guide through the the fun post partum /exercise related topics and I highly recommend her and Bootiful Fitness to any mum wanting to get safely back to being active or improve where they are at physically."

Class Participant

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