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So this is not the first time I have done Junk Free June, the first year I cut pretty much everything, and the last couple of weeks I was in the early stages of pregnancy, I was craving the shit out of pies and I struggled but I got there in the end, the second time I did it I just cut out the main things, I did pretty good. This year I cut out Frappecinos, lollies, chocolate, biscuits, chips, fizzy drinks, pies, unhealthy take aways such as burgers, pizza and all the other crap that I was inhaling leading up to june. The most amazing thing I have noticed on this months challenge is that will power is an amazing thing, being able to say no to something, and actually do it feels great. I have my girls all eating Banoffee pie the other night in front of me and they were like just have some, we won't tell, but no matter what I was going to wait the 2 extra days and I finish this thing, in this instance I was not giving up.

So I am not the type of person to give up easily, I will try and do it as well as I can, and I think some of us have better will power than others, on a day to day basis I see people that were exercising or trying to change their life styles but for whatever reason have given up, or people that really were motivated but not so much now, people dropping out of class, people no longer want training, people trying a diet or change of eating and then they give up. So I believe the Fight or flight response works just the same with life style as it does with stressful situations, how do you handle stress (the problem), do you run for the hills or do you target the problem head on?

So why are some of prone to fleeing (giving up)? why do we do it especially when it comes to our health and fitness? why do we hit a road block and ignore the paths around it? why don't we jump over that road block and continue on? why don't we just get back on the horse? Generally doubts start to climb in and we think oh its too late, I can't do this now, I don't have the time, Im too far behind now, what is the thing stopping us,why is it we really can't be fucked dealing with the road block? Why are there some people that see that road block and they just steam roll right through it?\\ Why can't we see the bigger picture and see that if we fully go through with something that at the end of the day we have accomplished something and that we are winning.

In my personal opinion I think we give up because we lack support, we need to surround ourselves with positive influencers, we need to have people to talk to us with real answers, not answers that have no constructive feed back. We need people to question us when we do certain things. We need to support from others to go and get out there and do stuff, just giving us an hour to ourselves, to push you out the door on that walk, to encourage you to enter that 5km walk. To join the gym and stick to it, to have someone in your ear that says, remember how you want to fit those old jeans, by smashing back that block of chocolate you are going to add time to that goal. An honest supporter is the best kind of supporter, and they can come in different forms. This supporter needs to be aware of what your goals are and what are the things that get in your way, they need to be able to identify those barriers incase you are blind to them and they need to be completely frank with you, not in a nasty way but in a positive influencing way. They need to get you back on track when that flight moment has happened and get you back to fighting.

So if you are not getting the help from home that you need to get you where you want to be, and I am not talking about nagging 'support' you need to find someone that is motivating for you, and that could be a friend, a counsellor, a PT, a gym buddy.

Successful organisations don't do stuff all on their own, they have great managers, they measure progress and they have mentors and employees that are vital parts of there organisation, just as your body is a organisation, think of your support person as a vital part of getting it to where it needs to be.

Trust me when you have great support it will be less of a challenge and more enjoyable. Find YOUR person, be the fighter because you are totally worth it.

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