Support will win

So this is not the first time I have done Junk Free June, the first year I cut pretty much everything, and the last couple of weeks I was in the early stages of pregnancy, I was craving the shit out of pies and I struggled but I got there in the end, the second time I did it I just cut out the main things, I did pretty good. This year I cut out Frappecinos, lollies, chocolate, biscuits, chips, fizzy drinks, pies, unhealthy take aways such as burgers, pizza and all the other crap that I was inhaling leading up to june. The most amazing thing I have noticed on this months challenge is that will power is an amazing thing, being able to say no to something, and actually do it feels great. I have my girls all eating Banoffee pie the other night in front of me and they were like just have some, we won't tell, but no matter what I was going to wait the 2 extra days and I finish this thing, in this instance I was not giving up.