A clean house

So while vacuuming today, and attempting to clean (relocate shit to another room) the house it kinda dawned on me about how there is 3 different types of mums. There are the ones that have immaculate houses, they scoop stuff up as it happens, they are always immaculately dressed and when you turn up randomly, they always state 'sorry the house is such a mess' and it looks like a show home, and you think to yourself, what mess, this tiny bit of fluff that I brought in. These mums are generally about to lose their shit as they fear that their immaculately dressed child will turn into a normal child any second in your presence, and you will see that maybe for one second that they are normal and not perfect 100% of the time. Then there are the mums that deal with the mess later, they basically have a tornado living with them and quite frankly if they clean it up now, it will appear again in 2 seconds time. Your life is generally chaos and you are about to lose your shit very soon as the tornado is on a path again, when visitors turn up it is a mad scramble to do a quick tidy so that there is not tiny teddy's or popcorn stuck all over the tv cabinet, and then there is the mums that really don't give a F'k about the state of anything. They literally don't care, they don't care that the house looks like a hurricane has just swept through it, and their kids are constantly making them lose their shit, because thats what they do.

I think I am in the middle.

I remember when my little girl was a baby and my house was always tidy, in fact when she was really little I used to get bored so I cleaned, then when she started moving and slept less, the house was a little messier. Now I am lucky on a good day to have nothing on the couch (that includes a pile of washing). One of my boot campers asked me a while ago how i found the time, I laughed, and said I don't have the time or I waited until my partner cleaned it up. And in some cases that is true, but some days I will procrastinate with jobs like invoicing and admin and end up tidying up, like right now its kinda tidy, kids aren't here, and I am procrastinating by writing this blog. Some days I walk out of the house and it gives me no desire to return to the mess and then when I get home I sometimes sit in the car and do my session planning as the thought of going inside to the mess that waits is depressing. I would love to live a more minimalistic life, but unfortunately my partner and I don't share that dream.

But in all seriousness, whatever level you are, know that we all lose our shit, all the time, but we all need to feel that we are valued in some way and that we value ourselves as well by prioritising our daily tasks, and making time for ourselves is one of the most important task you can give yourself. Sometimes rolling around the floor with the kids covered in popcorn is so much more rewarding than picking that pop corn up. I'm not saying one is better than the other, i'm just saying that there are times that some people will appear that they are so organised or that they maybe dying inside or those like me that feel that they are constantly losing their rag, but they might be the complete opposite. I always said before I was a parent that my kids would have a two toy rule, they could play with two toys and then if they wanted another one then they had to put one away to get the other one, well that never worked, and as much as it would be fantastic in theory, its also not how I roll. I tend to have all my work out, and do 50,000 things at the same time, with different ideas rolling through my brain. All of us have strengths and weaknesses and the sooner we identify them the happier we can be at making sure we utilise them properly, just as finding the hobbies and exercise activities you really like and are good at and have a passion for rather than doing something half hearted. Pretty much nothing to do with exercise aye :)

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