Client Testimonials

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I came across Bootiful fitness when I first moved to Rotorua from Auckland one year ago. It was one of the best things to find! Kirsty is so down to earth, normal and funny. She runs a great class which is awesome to attend with or without your kid! She's so welcoming to new people & points you in the right direction for many things. She's very community focused and we are lucky to have her. So thanks kirsty for first being such an amazing trainer and kicking butt at classes but also for being an all round super rad person and GB

Erin Carn-Bennett

"Kirsty was very welcoming, I spent a year procrastinating and worrying my child was "too difficult" to bring and stressing about getting him to sleep in his bed, before I finally came along, and she never made me feel like an idiot for it. 
I only wish I'd come sooner not least because he would have been a hell of a lot easier before he could move (the things we wish we knew) but also because it would have done my mental health a lot better than stressing about sleep did. 
I love coming and so does Lewis, its like a play group where we actually do something useful. I couldnt recommend it enough!"

Nicola Green

In October last year we moved to Rotorua and i spent 2 months feeling lonely and unhappy. During my pregnancy i gained 26kgs and had a few health issues which prevented me from getting back out there and exercising. In Dec i decided this was not me and i need to make a change! So i started googling fitness for mums in Rotorua. I tired a couple of different classes and then found Bootiful Fitness through FB, i sent a message and 6 months later i am back to me! The classes are good fun and everyone was so welcoming. Kirsty will push you but not yell at you or make you feel weak. She has changed me life in the 6 months and i couldnt thank her enough! Everyone has their reasons for wanting to exercise but if you are like me and making an excuse to get out there then come along and try a class. You wont regret it!! And the best thing is you can bring the kids!

Sacha Steel

I have been going to Kirsty's bootiful fitness sessions for 6months now and I absolutely LOVE them! I always leave feeling better about myself as Kirsty and all the ladies there are so supportive and encouraging. I think the best part is you can take your kids along and still have that time for yourself! I'm also the fittest and healthiest I've ever been. Kirsty is really welcoming and makes you feel comfortable in all the exercises you do.

Jaime McMillan

When I joined Bootiful Fitness with Kirsty I thought I would just get to attend bootcamp and get a bit fitter, what I got was so much more than that. The flexibility to have my child with me, and no judgement if he played up, a super supportive coach who knows how to tailor exercises to the individual if necessary, an awesome bunch of like minded woman, some of which have become good friends, a kick arse work out up to 4 times a week (and different timings to suit everyone), the chance to join in events and challenges and to top it off, an awesome ever-changing playlist of music so you always have something to sing along too. Kirsty has a way of making even the hardest exercises seem okay to try and she is so supportive and encouraging. I am so thankful that I made the decision to get in touch. Kirsty is awesome.

Kim Charity

Higher Intensity  Training (HIT)

This class is higher in intensity than our Mature Muscles Low to Moderate Intensity classes. It will change every class and is designed to push you but also bring out a smile. There will be a mixture between strength, cardio, boxing, circuits, mobility and stability exercise. We no longer run mums and bubbas classes during the daytime, but I can still train someone who is either pregnant or a new mum (Post 6 weeks Vaginal Birth, or 12 weeks Caesarean).  

Monday and Wednesday Evenings at 5.45pm

Mature Muscles - Strength and Cardio Class for the Mature Women

Mature Muscles are for our older ladies, that are either side of menopause and looking to improve their strength and cardio fitness, as well as having a laugh. 

Classes involve games, balance, light weights, circuits, interval training, functional movement, boxing, body weight, power plate play based movement and balance work. You will do exercises that compliment everyday life to make life easier and whole body strengthening as well as Pelvic Floor Safe. You will build muscle that will help support you through your golden years.

Class times are 5.45pm Tuesday and Thursday evenings.