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 Personal Training

Strength & Functional Fitness

Personal Training is about you, its about being accountable to someone and getting out of you comfort zone, many people struggle to motivate themselves or push themselves to places they never thought possible. 

Kirsty takes a different approach to Personal Training, its about how does that exercise help improve your everyday life, its not so much about the numbers on the scales, its not about the weight you are able to lift its about getting your body moving, and moving well, some sessions might be hard and high intensity and some days you may need a more relaxing session that is based on recovery. Kirsty is great at adapting to how the client is on the day and what the client needs mentally as well as physically. 


Kirsty has her own studio set up located in her home, she has  a number of weights, and cardio based equipment as well as power plates and functional fitness gear. If you would rather train at another location such as your own house or a park Kirsty will bring all equipment. Kirsty likes to focus on moving better, quality of life and working with clients abilities to help them with day to day life, programmes can be arranged on request. We will discuss goals and how to keep you on track as well as getting you to where you want to be. 

Kirsty currently only has limited spaces available at present, but still contact her to see if it will work or she can recommend another trainer.


*Due to Kirsty being a working mum, and days and times of training, she may have her children present at the trainings if after school hours, but a babysitter can be arranged if this is an issue. 

 Kirsty charges a $15 fee for locations more than 15 minutes from the middle of Rotorua CDB, this is to cover time driving, petrol and her unavailability to take other bookings over this time.

Client Testimonials

Michaela Mollinson

I was introduced to Kirsty's mums and bubs bootcamp style classes in September/October 2016. After having 2 kids very close together I was very unfit and over weight. I was starting to feel very down on myself and had early warning signs of depression. I was determined that I did not want to fall into that dark hole and decided that it was time to make a change. My very first class was amazing. I was so nervous and anxious but everyone was so welcoming and Kirsty was so supportive. I was hooked (sore but hooked). From there my passion and drive grew. My family where noticing positive changes in my mental state and I was loving how it made me feel. I decided I needed more. I wanted Kirsty to myself, to push me harder than I thought I could go. So I signed up for one on one PT sessions. And did she push me. Every week I now look forward to these times where i know every part of me is going to hurt and burn but that amazing feeling of success and accomplishment outweighs that. Like the time that i hit 1000 reps in a session. I never in a million years thought that I could do that in 1 45 min session but I did and I loved it. I do have a long way to go in my health and fitness journey but having these classes and one on one sessions that i actually enjoy doing (not to mention the close friends that I have made) is going to make that much more enjoyable. So thank you Kirsty for creating this safe, friendly, kid friendly environment. Without it I don't know where I would be today.

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